Want to get married but don't want the stress or palava of a big, complicated wedding? Eloping doesn't have to be a scary choice, and is more acceptable now than ever before. An elopement wedding doesn't mean you have to skimp on the things you want in your wedding! 

Whether it's just you and your whaiaipō (that's Māori for "the person you love"), or twenty close family and friends, I can help you create the most perfect, memorable day. And it doesn't need to cost you the earth. 

No matter the size of your wedding, I still offer you the same service:

A personally written, unique ceremony. Just as you want it. 

Assistance with the legal stuff. 

Assistance with a location for your ceremony - Queenstown has some epic spots so whether you are after lakeside or mountain views or both, I can help you secure (often at no cost to you) some really awesomely tranquil spots to hold your ceremony. 

Vendor recommendations. I know people. Good people. And I don't get commissions for my recommendations, so you know that I'm only referring people who I think are awesome and chill and fab at what they do. And nice!


Other things I have on hand: 

A table for licence signing. Or cake. I mean, up to you. 

A clipboard, for when we are somewhere not suitable for my table. Or for when the table is holding the cake 

A chair or three if you have people who might need to sit down. Like Gran. 

A sound system with handheld mic. I also have a bluetooth speaker so have all your music needs covered. And karaoke if you choose. 

Witnesses. You will require two witnesses for your wedding, so if it is going to be just the two of you, I can bring one or two along with me. They are neat people, I promise!