Kia ora e hoa! Nau mai, haere mai!

Who is Philippa Thomas, and why should I pick her to be my celebrant? 

Well. Let me tell you. 

I love weddings. True story. Weddings are what I do, and weddings are what I love. Each time I write a ceremony, meet with a couple, perform a wedding or plan a special day with a couple, I think, "this time, it's my favourite". Every. Single. Time. 

I have been celebranting (legitimately a word that I might or might not have made up) for over five years and have done nearly 300 weddings. That's a lot o' happy people!

I think a wedding should be entirely reflective of the couple getting married, so I get to know my couples (yay for technology) and make sure that the wedding includes everything you want and nothing that you don't. 

I am proud to be a Māori woman and happily interweave Te Reo Māori into any wedding. In fact, I'm thrilled to interweave any language or culture into a ceremony! I've performed a Hindu wedding and been part of a Vietnamese tea ceremony, I’ve spoken Bengali and Hindu, I've even done a wedding in which no one spoke English except the bride and groom - it was almost entirely in Czech and it was one of the most fun I've had at a wedding!

When I'm not celebranting (see, it's a word), I am a mother to three little monkeys.

My awesome kids drive me batty and I love the chaos that they bring. I also love wine. 

Fun Fact: I have collected M&M memorabilia since I was a teenager. Yes, the candy. Yes, you may give me some. 

I've been married for five years. In fact, it was when I got engaged (six months pregnant, with two toddlers in tow) that the idea of becoming a celebrant came about - I had an idea of what I wanted in a celebrant, and then figured, surely there must be more people out there also looking for the same thing!

I'm laid back, I'm fun, I'm relaxed and I'm mad crazy about everything "wedding". 

To quote one of my awesome couples, I'm "suitably weird and appropriately not too serious"

And most of all, I love love. Because, love is love ♥

cover image: Alpine Image Company