Quadruple Wedding

Marriage IS family

Yup. you read that correctly! I do, I do, I do, I do. Four couples, one wedding.

But how? What? Why? Well, because, why not?!  

Jack, Lim and Erica, two brothers and a sister, grew up dreaming of the day when they got to share a wedding together. 

Jack met and fell in love with Joey, and Lim met and fell in love with Eva, who also happens to be Joey's sister. 

Meanwhile, Erica met and fell in love with Richard, and Leon (who happen's to be the brother of Eva and Joey!) met and fell in love with Mindy. 

Confused? Let me attempt to make it less confusing. 

AA and AB are brothers. AC is their sister. 

BA and BB are sisters, BC is their brother.

AA married BA

AB married BB

AC married ZZ

YY married BC. 

See? Super not confusing. Ha! 

Over the years, all four couples got married but the weddings weren't the celebration they wanted, and yet Jack, Lim and Erica couldn't shake the dream of having a wedding together. 

And so, they did! With the help of Sarah at Simply Perfect Weddings, Rich Bayley Photography and myself, we created an amazing QUADRUPLE WEDDING for them all! 

In true elopement style, they chose to come to Stoneridge Estate at Queenstown with only two sets of  parents and three little kids as the guests. The weather wasn't super great so we ended up inside the Chapel on the Lake, which was plenty big enough for 9 people across (with little room to spare ha ha!)

The ceremony was structured as one ceremony (rather than four!) with each couple stepping forward to do their own individually written vows and ring exchanges, then being presented as married and kissing all in unison! 

Each bride had their own, individualised wedding dress and flowers and each groom brought their own style to the wedding as well. And each couple brought their own personalities to the day. 



The whole experience was so much fun, so much laughter and so much love! 

So this just shows that no idea is too crazy, no wedding idea is out of your reach! Whatever you want from your wedding can be achieved with the right people on your side! 

Because, as you all know well, we are never alone in our marriages. Because right alongside you will be everyone else here and all of your family and friends, ready to support you and love you, no matter what.

And that’s what marriage is all about.
Rich Bayley Phototography 

Rich Bayley Phototography